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not your average bike shop



One in - One out  -   Wear a mask  -  Sanitise on entry & exit

Phone before you come along 

We are open for collection / drop off and appointments Tuesday - Friday 9.30 - 5pm.

The door is locked so we can get on with servicing - if those times don't you suit let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

At present the workshop is having to prioritise our regular customers

To view or discuss a new bike please call or contact us and speak to Marie

We're in Dobies Heat Centre yard. There is car parking in front of the shop and a bicycle stand by the door.

No cuppas just now coz of "the Covid"



Herbies Bikes Ltd
Unit 3, 35 Drumshoreland Road
West Lothian
EH53 0LF

01506 201323


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 Herbie & Marie are the husband and wife team behind Herbies Bikes.

Herbie is the technophobic master mechanic who loves working on good quality bikes but gets a bit grumpy if asked to work on BSO's (bicycle shaped objects).

Marie does all the other stuff involved in running a business - its her who answers your messages when she's not taping handlebars (which she does very well), applying protective 3M tape to new frames or plugging in ebikes for a software update

We’re driven by our dedication to be the best bicycle repair shop we can, and we know our customers feel the difference - they travel to us from all across the central belt of Scotland for that classic combination of attention to detail, cheek, a wee cup of tea and integrity!  We can’t help but smile every time someones picks up their newly repaired item and comments on how good it feels now - it means we’ve done our job right.


01506 201323

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